seamed belt


Two types available:
single-stitched and

Belts are made from satin, cotton and leatherette. There is also an option of an inside-out satin belt, providing a matte effect.


Colour sample book

Ca. 400 belt colour
to chose from

The complete colour range of the belt by sample, satin,
cotton and leatherette bias bindings, can be found
in our sample book.

Colour sample book

The colour sample book does not constitute a trade offer, within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the data therein are only informative..

Single belt

Single-sewn belt - seams
concealed, backstitched
on the top from one side, belt
width is about 5-6 mm.

Double-sewn belt - seams
concealed, backstitched
on both edges, belt
width is about 10 mm.

Belt application:
Shoulder-straps, belt loops, spaghetti,

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Satin and cotton bets are packed
in large reels of ca. 65 lm

Leatherette belts are packed
in large reels of ca. 45 lm

Large reel ca. 65 lm

Large reel ca. 45 lm

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