Single piping

Single piping

Our offer also includes double
and decorative pipings

We produce single pipings from various fabric types: satin pipings, rainbow satin pipings, cotton pipings, policotton pipings, artificial leather - ecoleather pipings, brocade pipings, lama pipings, acquilin pipings

Piping, also known as: cording, edge, edging, braid, welt.


Colour sample book

Approx. 400 piping patterns

and colours to chose from
The complete piping range and the sample book can be found
in our product catalogue.

Colour sample book

The colour sample book does not constitute a trade offer, within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the data therein are only informative.

Single piping

Standard cord
width is Ø 1.6 mm

At the customer’s request, we can sew a
piping with a cord size of
Ø 1,2 mm; Ø 1,6 mm; Ø 2 mm; Ø 3 mm; Ø 4 mm; Ø5 mm; Ø 6 mm


Application of the tabs:

Decorative elements, all elements
finishing (eg clothes, Communion dress,
wedding, sports, tourist), interior design
(curtains, curtains), leathercraft, upholstery,
haberdashery, floral decorations etc.

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Single sating and cotton pipings
are packed in large reels of ca. 65 lm and bobbins of 20 lm.

Single artificial leather pipings
are packed in large reels of ca. 45 lm

Large reel ca. 65 lm

Bobbin ca. 20 lm

Large reel ca. 45 lm for artificial leather

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