polyester bias binding

Polyester bias bindings

Polyester bias bindings fold and flat

Bias binding has taped stitches, thanks to it it is small visible.
It is possible do it on the left side ( matte effect )

From the color palette 116 (upper) and color 98B (downer)

Patterns of ironing

Color pattern

Over 135 colors to choose from
bias bindings polyester

Full offer of colours You can see in color patterns

color pattern

The colours of the screen may differ from the real product. We can send a catalogue with fabric: cotton, poliester and artificial leather.

Bias binding fold ( ironed )

Centre fold bias binding  ( ironed two sides ) width
15 mm i 25 mm - min. quantity 20 mb

Each width of bias binding ironed two sides from 8mm to
od 8 mm do 80 mm or other kind ironed
is made for individual order - min. quantity about 65 mb

Patterns of ironing

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Flat bias binding ( not ironed )

Cut on order
from 10 mm width min. quantity is about  65 mm - 1 roller


I have a question


Bias bindings ironed 15 mm
are wrapped up on small and big spools

Bias bindings ironed 25 mm
are wrapped up on the cardboards and big spools

Flat bias bindings ( not ironed )
are wrapped up on packed in rolls

cardboards 20 m

small spool width 15mm - 20m

big spools about. 65 m

roll about 65m

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